Are you out of your element when it comes to branding, web design, and reaching your audience with creative copy?

Blended Element is a boutique digital marketing studio specializing in helping small business owners unify their brand, design a stellar website, craft catchy copy, and run their businesses effectively!

The founder of Blended Element has a background in healthcare, therefore professionals in the health, personal care, and self-development fields can rest assured that their businesses are in particularly good hands.

Let me help you…

Get your message across

Let me curate copy that will resonate with your audience. Advertise services, educate readers, or simply express yourself creatively!

Strengthen your Online Presence

Clients will easily find and connect with you with a cohesive brand and beautiful, optimized website.

Maximize your time

Don’t fret about the details! Spend less time worrying about your business and more time helping clients, patients, or doing things you enjoy!

Perhaps you are a…

  • Physician, Dentist, Optometrist, Nurse, or other health professional
  • Nutritionist or Registered Dietician
  • Massage therapist, Chiropractor, or Acupuncturist
  • Personal trainer, Yoga, or Dance Instructor
  • Counselor or Mental health professional
  • Business or Life coach
  • Social worker or Nonprofit organization

…in search of…

  • Medical content editing and strategy
  • Blog writing or editing
  • Web content editing
  • Web branding and design
  • Integration of booking calendars or payment platforms
  • Patient/client education materials
  • Social media graphics
  • Someone behind the scenes to lend a hand when needed

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Treat yourself to a well-deserved break, while I check items off your to-do list. Take a look at my¬†services page to see how I can help you, and let’s chat during your complimentary consultation!

*I am happy to serve a wide range of professionals, not exclusive to those listed above! Feel free to inquire.

Hello I’m Jessica, the founder of Blended Element Creative!

You spend your time taking care of others; isn’t it about time that someone take care of you?

Imagine how much your business could grow, or how effectively it could run, with guidance in helping you sound like the polished professional that you are! Let’s work together to put your best face forward, reach more patients and clients, and reduce your work burden. Finally take that break or vacation you deserve!

If you have put off tasks because you simply don’t have the time, don’t have the creative or technical chops, or have not found the right person to add to your team, you have now found your match with Blended Element Creative!

Blended Element: Behind the Name

Element refers to an abstract idea or concept, an individual body, or a piece of knowledge. In all of these ways, the name Blended Element encompasses my vision; a blend of natural creative forces at work.